From a top-notch production plant to user-friendly product designs, SIM (Macau)
Industrial Company satisfies the discerning coffee-lovers with the coffee they can offer.


突破傳統 以袋泡形式問世


As the demand for coffee is soaring in the region due to the rapidly expanding economy, SIM(Macau) industrial Company founded Asia’s modern and advanced coffee factory in 2005,using the technology to bring top-notch coffee to customers.

Breaking tradition

With their main products being coffee machines, freshly ground coffee, and coffee bags under their home label “iMO”, SIM boasts a state-of-the-art production site and provides different types of coffee in diversified flavors. In recent years, the company experimented with a hassle-free way of packaging coffee in individual Chinese-style tea bags. Even without a coffee machine at home, one can easily.